CDs and DVDs
CDs and DVDs

We will not argue that laser-type data drives are an integral part of modern society. In principle, working with CDs and DVDs is no difficulty, which is why disks are so popular.

It’s worth noting that these drives are found in most multimedia devices and gaming devices. However, few people understand these media and their differences. Knowing this is also necessary when making a purchase.

Disk Drives

Before discussing the similarities between CDs and DVDs, we need to understand what an optical disk is. There are only four layers in the composition of such an element:

  • A plate with a polycarbonate base—in simpler words, it is colorless plastic—is thin and usually located on top of the entire product. Different texts and drawings are commonly applied to this surface.
  • The working layer has the appearance of a storage medium. When a laser is applied, this layer is usually burned.
  • Metal layer. In terms of density, it is thin. Non-ferrous metals are used in its manufacturing process.
  • Lacquer, which is applied on top of the metal.

This layer is the last and acts as the base of the disk drive. It protects the drive against damage and data loss.

That’s basically all you need to know about the CD manufacturing process. Now, let’s look at how the data is recorded: the laser beam is moved along the spiral track from the center to the end, and the working points are lit in parallel. Thanks to the presence of a layer of metallic coating, those that have not been affected are reflected.

In this way, codes are obtained, which act as the basis for recording various information in digital format.

What are CDs and DVDs?

In principle, it can not be said that disks’ capacity is their main distinguishing characteristic. The thickness of such a disk is no more than 1.2 mm. The CD-R disk is a single-sided plastic disk, but the DVD disk is double-sided. Such a disk can be recorded on each side separately. The side where the information is contained is spiral-shaped like a groove.


The Purpose a CD-disk Usage

It is worth noting that such a disk is used to upload data and read them further. Here, a low-power laser is used.

These disks have their own storage peculiarities. The information is read from the bottom of the drive, so there is a protrusion for the laser beam.

But many people do not stop wondering what the difference between CD and DVD drives is because they are basically identical devices. In a DVD disk, the pitch of the groove is smaller. At the same time, the protrusions are not large. It follows that the diameter of a CD drive is larger when it is used to record identical data compared to a DVD. You should opt for the second option if you set maximum compactness as your main parameter.

Tips In The Selection Process

It’s important to consider useful tips to choose the best products necessary. Below are some tips to follow:

  • You should pay attention to how much memory is on the DVD-RW.
  • Check if the media is new or used during the purchase process.
  • Check whether the data can be overwritten.
  • Consider what materials were used in the manufacturing process.
  • Take into consideration the brand name. Proven brands very rarely produce defective products.

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